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                     Corian by Quality Solid Surface

Corian Kitchen  Countertops   No room says ‘home’ like the kitchen, and no room reveals more about the way we live. Whether your design vision is simple, white and monolithic or curvaceous and colorful, solid surface can help to fulfill it. Combining well – practically and visually – with other materials such as stainless steel, wood and glass, solid surface incorporates sinks, cook tops in a flowing, seamless design.We fabricate custom solid surface sinks !

Corian in the bath space  A million miles from the cold functionality of the past, today’s bathroom is as much about relaxation and pleasure as it is about getting clean. The design versatility of material lends itself to the most cutting-edge designs – seamless shower rooms, bath tub surrounds in Zen-influenced baths, ergonomically-curved vanity tops - while its warm touch and resistance to mold and mildew help to create an inviting, practical and simple environment.
 Corian Counter tops  corian s
olid surfaces like corian kitchen countertops by quality solid surface countertop fabricator corian countertops in East Hampton corian in New York.
   Corian has become increasingly popular with marine architects because of its unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. Highly durable and easy to repair, surface is a sensible choice for areas exposed to moisture, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Surface material of choice on yachts, cruise ships, ferries, naval vessels, houseboats, offshore platforms, sailboats and powerboats.

Office Surfaces    Office design has an impact on everyone that matters – employees work more productively in an uplifting environment, while clients and visitors make their first impressions of a company waiting in reception. Solid Surface Corian has the design versatility and durability to make the right impression. Its lack of visible seams enables the creation of reception desks and meeting tables that appear to have been made from a single piece of material, while its ability to be inlaid allows logos to be neatly incorporated. Lighting solutions:

Translucent in certain colors and thicknesses, solid surface reveals its full radiance and depth when exposed to light. This quality lends Solid Surfaces not only to the creation of atmospheric room-lighting, but also to back-lit bar tops, work tops , dramatically illuminated furniture, and  back-lit screens or tables.Perfect for medical and pet care offices , retail stores and restaurants.

  • Quartz Countertops : Silestone  , Cambria 
  • Laminate : Nevamar , Pionite ,Formica
  • Corian Solid Surface by DuPont
  • Solid Surface Wall Clad ! LG Hi-Macs ,Corian 
  • Granite & Marble surfaces



                                                         KITCHEN & BATH COUNTERTOPS  

  • Ready to Install - One Piece Vanity Tops & Bowls in Most Popular solid surface Colors.
  • Coved Backsplash Available for all solid surface materials.    
  • Custom Made - Vanities That Flow Seamlessly into a Spacious 

  • Fabricators of custom solid surface sinks.     

  • Corian and HI-Macs Solid Surface sink Bowls or Porcelain Bowls of Your Choice.

  • Countertops , Backsplash, Kitchen Islands, Partitions, Wall cladding, Solid Surface Panels and shower walls etc.

  • Colors - Ever Expanding Palette of colors and textures to satisfy interior designers and homeowners .                                                                                

Single or Double Bowl Solid Surface Kitchen and Bar Sinks
Stainless Steel Sinks with Beautiful  Undermount                                       


  • What Separates Us from the Others?

    • Fast, Half Day Installations on countertops.       
    • Fast Lead Time from the Time of Template to Finish on all orders.
    • 10 or 15 Year Warranty for Homeowners. 
    • Growing number of spellbound customers .
    • No middle man..or woman.
    • In business on Long Island ,New York since 2001.
    • Main Strengths:
    • Corian Solid Surface thermoforming .
    • Edge Style Selections.
    • Offering Cove Backsplashes not only on 4 1/2" but full size as well.
    • Custom , cutting edge solid surface applications are our specialty.
    • Dimentional and seamless techniques used.                               
  • Quick, Easy Installation Using Joint Adhesive .
  • Non silicone Seams Create a One Continuous Piece Countertop and Backsplash That Is Easy to Clean.No sealing required.
  • Available in Most Colors